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The League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) has presented Janashakthi Insurance with a Platinum award for excellence in communications.

“The visual design presented by the Janashakthi Insurance PLC Annual Report 2012 is exceptional…with a level of creativity that is outstanding. Our belief is that the target audience will find the level of relevance and clarity to be exceptional… demonstrating the success of this project in connecting with the right people… delivering…a persuasive message.” Overall, the judging panel awarded Janashakthi Insurance 99 out of 100 points for its 2012 Annual Report.

~ Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director

Peoples Leasing Co PLC Annual Report 2011/12 wins Platinum award at LACP Global Communication Competition 2012.

“The first impression presented by this entry is exceptional while the narrative is outstanding. The visual design presented by The People’s Leasing Company PLC 2011/12 Annual Report: “SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS” is exceptional, tied with a level of creativity that is outstanding.”

~ Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director

These are just some of our clients who have received recognition in the awards presentation held by Institute of Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka (ICASL) in 2011.

    Overall Excellence in Annual Financial Reporting Award - Silver

  • Union Assurance PLC

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Award - Bronze

  • Union Assurance PLC

  • Corporate Governance Disclosure Award - Gold

  • Union Assurance PLC

  • Sector – Gold Award (Awards + Certificate)

  • Service Organizations – Colombo Dockyard PLC
  • Leasing Companies – People’s Leasing Co. Ltd
  • Insurance Companies – Union Assurance PLC
  • Food & Beverages Companies – Ceylon Cold Stores PLC
  • Non-for-Profit Organizations including Non-Governmental Organizations - The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

  • Sector – Silver Awards (Awards + Certificate)

  • Finance Companies – People’s Finance PLC
  • Leasing Companies – Sampath Leasing and Factoring Limited
  • Food & Beverages Companies – Keells Food Products PLC

  • Sector – Bronze Awards (Certificates Only)

  • Banking Institutions – Sampath Bank PLC
  • Service Organizations – Vallibel Power Erathna PLC
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations including Non-Governmental Organizations – Plantation Human Development Trust

  • Sector – Certificates of Compliance

  • Diversified Holdings (Groups above 05 Subsidiaries) – Richard Pieris & Company PLC
  • Diversified Holdings (Groups upto 05 Subsidiaries) – PC House PLC
  • Banking Institutions – HDFC Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Finance Companies – Alliance Finance Company PLC, Merchant Credit of Sri Lanka Limited
  • Service Organizations – Lanka Clear (PVT) Ltd, Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited, Vidullanka PLC
  • Hotel Companies – The Fortress Resorts PLC
  • Manufacturing Companies – Kelani Cables PLC, Lanka Floortiles PLC